Official Nexus 5 Specs, Features, Price and Release date are here

Google Nexus 5 is not yet officially announced but just few hours ago, Nexus 5 is added to the Google Play Store official place. And interestingly, Google took out the curtains from the Nexus 5 price which is starting from $349 for 16GB version.

Nexus 5

There is such information regarding the Google Nexus 5 pre order. The new phone would be on sale from October 28th in US. On the web series of rumors are available that are confirming the specs and features.

The official images are same as the earlier leaked images but are clearer. Nexus 5 is ready to roar with its massive features and hardware configuration which includes none other than the moist powerful Snapdragon Qualcomm 800 chipset, along with Krait Quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera sensor, full HD display measuring 5 inches and 2300 mAh battery.

At present Google has only updated the Nexus 5 16GB price, i.e. $349 and the price of 32GB Nexus 5 is not appeared yet, but surely it will update in few hours or days. The final curtains over new Google smartphone could be pull over any time, keep your eyes on Google Play store as well, or else subscribe to us, we will update you in your mail box.

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  1. Junaid Ahmed says:

    this is a really good birthday gift from google.
    thank you google !
    and you to writer .

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